Our Last Week at the Theater

August 22, 2016 0 comments

Yesterday (August 21st) was our last Sunday meeting as a church at the Brier Creek Movie theater. We are VERY excited about our move to Pine Hollow Middle School, but before we left we wanted to pause and reflect on some of the things God has done over the past year.

Before we played this video I stood before our church and reminisced over our beginnings at the theater. I told our church family about the time, I and a group of leaders from our initial core group first visited the theater to see if it would be the place for our church to start meeting. I still remember entering auditorium 9 where our adults most often met. They were playing a movie that day, it was something horrible like Texas Chainsaw massacre. Blood splatted against the screen, there were some vulgarities and I looked at Danny Lotz who said, “you want to have church here,” with a look of disbelief. We prayed and God moved and transformed that place into a place of worship. God changed many lives at the theater.

During our last service yesterday, we had people stand up to see who drove the furthest (when we move it will be about 5 minutes further for some people), but we had several people driving 45 minutes to get to Southbridge. I did not see him yesterday, but I know we have at least one guy who drives from Virginia regularly. We also got to see a visualization of life change as people stood who had been saved, baptized, grew in their faith or took steps of faith at this theater. Then we sat back and worshiped the Lord who did this work as we watched a short video to recap 9 years.

A 4 minute video can’t possibly capture all the conversations that have taken place in small groups, all the lives that have been touched through local and global outreach, all the Sunday school lessons taught to kids, all the memories made in SYU student ministry, or all the lives that have been connected to Jesus for life change. However, my hope is that watching this video may remind you of the work God has done in and through you during the past 9 years and then I hope you will have confidence and eager expectation for what He will do in the days ahead. Enjoy the video below as you reflect on what God has done.Theater Recap from Southbridge Fellowship on Vimeo.

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