What is the church’s mission regarding homosexuality?

November 26, 2014 0 comments

The church is failing. The church is not just failing those experiencing sexual brokenness that need healing. It is failing in how it is perceived by those outside the church.

In their 2007 book entitled UnChristian David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons share their findings regarding “outsiders” thoughts about the church. (Outsiders is the label Kinnaman and Lyons used for those who would not identify themselves as born again Christians). One outsider wrote,

“Christianity has become bloated with blind followers who would rather repeat slogans than actually feel compassion and care.”

Specifically regarding homosexuality and Christianity Kinnaman says, “Outsiders say our hostility toward gays-not just opposition to homosexual politics and behaviors but disdain for gay individuals-has become virtually synonymous with the Christian faith.”

The media has painted the topic of homosexuality as offering two options. Option one is the religious right. Stereo typically the religious right are those who have a passion for truth. Those who need to make sure we all know who is right and who is wrong. Option two is the liberal left. Stereo typically the liberal left are those whose hearts ooze compassion. They see this “topic” as an opportunity for progress, tolerance and to show compassion to a small percentage of our population that has been cast aside.

The truth of the matter is that those are not our only choices.

The way the cultural narrative is being portrayed, it appears we must pick between conviction or compassion. It seems our options are either truth or grace. It is portrayed that if you tell anyone that they can’t have what they want then you are against love. Ask any parent if that is true.

I want to propose that Jesus offers a third way. A way where both compassion and conviction come together without compromise. I attempt to share about this way in this message delivered at my church (Southbridge Fellowship) on November 23, 2014. I invite your feedback after you watch this message.

Something to consider:

Is our mission to get people to vote a certain way, behave a certain way, or even be attracted to a certain gender? In this message I propose that none of those things are the churches mission regarding same sex attracted individuals.

Sermon Nov. 23, 2014 from Southbridge Fellowship on Vimeo.

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