A Man and His Relationship

September 24, 2014 0 comments

Not every man is gifted as a leader.

I hope that is a freeing statement for many of you. However, almost every man will face leadership positions. I hope that is not depressing. God gives us leadership responsibilities in our relationships, in the home and with the special women that He blesses us with.

In Genesis 3, we don’t see Adam interviewing for leadership responsibility. We don’t see him even pursuing a leadership role. However, we see God give him leadership and hold him accountable. Where was Adam when Eve sinned? He was standing right there. Eve was the first one to take the fruit, but who did God hold accountable? Adam.

Men, we have a huge God-given responsibility in our relationships. At Southbridge, we want to equip you the best we possibly can to embrace and walk in the leadership role that God has given you. One way we are doing that is through an event we are hosting this Saturday entitled: A Man and His Relationship. It starts at 7 p.m. at our new church office. You can RSVP here. Also, I’d invite you to bring your wife or girlfriend with you.

My advice is that you take her to dinner and then bring her to the event with you. You will love hearing from our good friend Dr. John Bryson. You may have seen him before as one of the speakers on Authentic Manhood through the curriculum we use with our men’s small groups called Men’s 33 the series.

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