Prayer Guide: Week 1

August 5, 2014 0 comments

Heavenly Father, I desire that Your great and holy name would be honored, esteemed, and cherished above all things in my life and in all places.

We started a new series at Southbridge Fellowship called Teach Us To Pray. In this series, we are looking at the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13 where Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray. Everyone who attended this week was given a simple guide with a prayer for each week of the series. (Above is the prayer for week one.)

My hope is that this will assist individuals, couples, small groups and families in their prayer time.

This past Sunday night, I pulled this card out of my worship program and used it to start a conversation with my family. So you know how this actually went, let me tell you about Sunday dinner at my house.

20140804_17344920140804_173608Sunday dinner is very low-key. Our family is usually exhausted, not only from Sunday service, but from the entire week. Often we have “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) because breakfast is one of the quickest and easiest meals to fix. Sometimes, we have leftovers or everyone grabs something quick. My wife may even have cereal.

Get the picture? This is not some formal worship setting. As I was about to pray for our dinner, I pulled out the prayer guide and told our four kids that we began a new series at church on prayer and that we had been given this prayer guide. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and the prayer for week one of the series.


After I was done, I simply asked the question: What would it look like for God to be valued, cherished and number one above all else in your life?

This allowed us to start a God talk. Actually, my eight-year old daughter began to discuss the answer with my wife, while I tried to corral our three-year old, keep our four-year old from leaving and watched our seven-year old lay her head down because her tummy hurt.

However, I am sure it was a beneficial talk for my eight-year old and, Lord willing, a very small step in her knowing God better. I realize everyone’s home life is different. Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey.

My hope is that this prayer guide will be a resource in helping you and your family know God better and communicate with Him more. I’ll be posting the prayer for each week of the series. Leave a comment below if there is any way I can help you grow in your prayer with God.

To hear the sermon from Sunday click HERE

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