Compassion Celebration

December 11, 2013 0 comments

There was great energy and excitement along with raw emotion in the lobby of the theater after each service on Sunday. God was moving in the lives of hundreds of people at SouthbriCS_8_Largedge and hundreds of children in Bolivia simultaneously.

This past Sunday was our first ever Compassion Sunday.

In the lobby, we saw grown men torn with emotion. How do you say yes to one child and not everyone? How do you know who to help? Families decided together ways to take action for others in need. One young woman wrote on Facebook saying, We picked a little boy but then saw a little girl who’d been waiting a year to be sponsored, so we chose her, too. We just couldn’t let her wait any more!” Jane

As a result, 135 children were sponsored through Compassion International

What does that mean?

  • SBF folks are serious about living out their faith.
  • 135 children’s lives will be changed, perhaps for eternity. Pray for them.
  • Potentially 135 new missionaries in Bolivia, as God raises them up to maturity (Phil 1:6).
  • It means potential for unlimited impact as you consider the ripple effects of one changed life (as I discussed in the sermon that day).
  • It means a new level of generosity for SBF members, as this represents another $61,560 that will be given annually above and beyond our normal tithes for the sake of the gospel.

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It was an incredible day in the life of our church as we came together to put compassion in action. The morning was the second part of our Compassionate Christmas series. In part one, we discussed God’s compassion for us and saw how God’s compassion took action by sending His Son Jesus Christ, not just to be born into a stable, but to give His life to meet our greatest need.

Our greatest need was not an education, a meal, or a warm home, but a Savior.

In part two, we talked about our compassion for others needing to take action. We heard great testimonies from Dan and Angela Parlin about how sponsoring a child has impacted them. We also heard a powerful life change story from Keewani Vallejo-Cook, a former sponsored child through Compassion. At the end of the day, our church took action for the sake of the gospel and that is always exciting. Thank you Southbridge. Please continue praying for these children and, like Jesus commands the lawyer in Luke 10:25-37, looking for ways to BE a neighbor to those God places around you.

If you were unable to sponsor a child or wanted to talk it over with someone first we will have packets available again this Sunday in the lobby. If you would like to see the testimonies or message from Sunday you can watch them here:

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