Compassion in Action

December 4, 2013 0 comments

Last week we began our Christmas series called: Compassionate Christmas and talked about God’s Compassion for us. Compassion has been defined as “your pain in my heart.” When you hurt, I hurt and when you mourn, I mourn. When you are broken, I feel the break. God has compassion on us. He see’s our pain. In fact, He see’s our pain so clearly that in it, He can see our greatest need.

Our greatest need goes beyond our need for a meal, a job, a relationship, a healing, to the central need in all of our lives – a need to be reconciled to the God who created us.

God not only see’s our pain, not only is He moved by our need, but He took action on our behalf in sending His Son Jesus Christ into this world. Not merely to be born into a stable with animals, but to come into our lives and transform everything about us. As followers of Jesus, God’s one-act of compassion changes everything for us.

This coming Sunday, December 8th, is the first ever Compassion Sunday at Southbridge. During this time, each of us will have the opportunity to respond to what God has done for us and demonstrate His compassion to someone else. Specifically, to a child in Bolivia as we give you the opportunity to sponsor a child one-on-one. A child who has needs that you and I may not have, but has the same need for a Savior just like each of us.

This Sunday you will be given an opportunity to act. Will you take action out of compassion?

Click here to learn about Compassion International and their sponsorship program.

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