Thursday’s Opportunities

November 27, 2013 0 comments

This Thursday marks what Americans celebrate as Thanksgiving. For many, it is a time to remember our ancestry, spend time with family, and, perhaps, reflect on what we are most thankful for. Sure we will eat more than we planned, there will be awkward family moments, and your favorite football team might lose the game (as mine does every year. Confession: I am a Lions fan). However, this Thursday don’t miss the opportunities God places before you.

Opportunities with Children

Two-thirds of people who accept Jesus as their Savior do so before the age of 18. It is likely that many of the people in your home will be children. Perhaps children whose parents don’t tell them about Jesus. Think of ways that you can demonstrate Jesus this Thanksgiving for the little ones to see. Maybe that means a prayer for the kids who you are thankful for in your family as a gift from Jesus then thank God for sending His Son as a gift to us. Perhaps it is taking time to share your story of how and when you came to know Jesus as you tell stories to the kids. Perhaps it simply means paying attention to them. Don’t miss the opportunities.

Opportunities with Family

Everyone has wishes that their family were different. Every family has problems. However, God did not make a mistake by placing you in your family. Believe it or not, He had this all planned out (Acts 17:24-28). God intentionally placed you in your family so you can be intentional in sharing Jesus Christ with them. Obviously, this is easiest if you are hosting them in your home. Even if you are not, you can take a gift to the host this year as a small way to say thank you and share Jesus. You could offer to pray for your meal in which you pray the gospel. Perhaps there are needs in your family that are specific to your family. Pray and ask God how you can meet those needs in His name (Mark 10:45). Don’t miss the opportunities.

Opportunities with Friends

While many of us are consumed with planning, cooking, eating and hanging out with those we love, there are many people this Thursday who don’t know where they will go, who they will be with and, ultimately, wonder who cares about them. Think through your friends, neighbors, people at your church who may spend this Thursday alone. Invite them to your house to enjoy being with your family. Even if it is somewhat dysfunctional, they will know they are wanted. Don’t miss the opportunities.

Thanksgiving provides each of us as followers of Jesus with plenty of opportunities. I hope this blog has helped you to reflect on the opportunities God will give you. I would love to hear about them. Don’t miss the ones He has laid before you.

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