Jesus and the Election Part 3 (Decision Day)

November 6, 2012 0 comments

The election is upon us. I have been doing a blog series Entitled Jesus and the Election. I have shared that a lot of believers get worked up around this time every four years. The goal of this blog series is to pause, step back and for a few minutes and ask what God says and doesn’t say about these political issues. In part one we talked about God and the Economy. In part two we talked about Religious Freedom. Today let’s talk about how to decide who to vote for.

You may know exactly who you want to vote for, or you may not love either candidate and you may not think writing in who you think should be the next President is a good idea. Regardless of where you are at, how do you decide who to vote for?

Often times we talk about value based voting. What does that mean? I assume when we say value based voting we are saying that we will vote for the guy who has our values. What are our values? Since I am writing this to Christians I will say that we have to agree with Jesus that our most important values are to love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-40).

Both candidates claim they love God. One even overtly tries to use evangelical language when talking about Jesus, while the reality is he does not worship the same God that Christians worship. Some Christians have a problem voting for a candidate who is overtly involved in a false religion called Mormonism. While he has made a great effort (much like Mormonism as whole) to sound like an evangelical Christian by using phrases like “Jesus is my personal Savior,” the reality is that Mormonism and Christianity are not the same thing. We could discuss the differences, but at the heart of them is that Mormons do not believe that salvation is by grace (Eph 2:8-9; Titus 3:5). Anyone who does not understand this will not be leading our country to worship the one true God. So how can we say that voting for someone involved in a false religion is consistent with our values if our primary value is to love God with all that we are (Matt 22:37)?

However, there is another candidate who has professed to be a Christian, but has values that are far from biblical. While he will claim to love people, he will not fight for their right to live beyond the womb if their biological parents decide they shouldn’t. In the Old Testament there is a false god that was worshiped named Molech. One of the ways this god was worshiped was through child sacrifice. God through the prophet Jeremiah says how He feels about people sacrificing to these kinds of gods then claiming to worship Him (Jer 7:9-11; 19:4-13). It was highly offensive to say the least. I read a few weeks ago that 50 million people have been legally murdered since 1973 through abortions. None of them will be voting today. I wonder how they would vote if they were given the chance. We have a candidate who thinks that this mass genocide is a good idea. If the second greatest commandment is to love people, how can we say that voting for this person is consistent with our values?

In my desire to love God and love what He loves (i.e. people), I do not see how it would be possible for me to vote for a candidate that will not stand up for the rights of unborn people. So when I voted two weeks ago, that was the key issue for me. Some people may argue that I am a one issue voter. I would respond that if that one issue is people, than yes I am a one issue voter. I think jobs are important, I think our military is important, I think health-care is important, but none of that matters if someone is never given a chance to live. I do not believe (apart form a radical conversion in their lives) that either candidate will be leading our nation to repent and turn to God, but I cannot vote for someone who will not defend the defenseless. How will you decide who to vote for?

The things I have said in this post are my views and do not necessarily reflect the views of everyone in my church or the church’s leadership.

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