Madagascar 3 prayer requests?

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Last Sunday we commissioned or third short term team from Southbridge for their trip to Madagascar Africa to minister alongside our missionaries Grant and Jodie Waller. Here is an update from the Waller’s to help you better pray for them and our short term team.

Dear Prayer Team,

Well our last month has come before we head for stateside assignment. Aside from all of the excitement of preparing for being in America for the next 4 months, we are also preparing for a mission team from Southbridge Fellowship. This is a particularly exciting trip, as the team will begin implementation of a long-term community development plan we have been working on. Please pray for this team as we work together to see the vision of life change among the Mahafaly come into fruition!

As we look back on the last four years, we are amazed at all God has done in Southwest Madagascar. Here are just a few things that God has allowed us to be a part of…

* We have learned Malagasy and are both fluent enough to be able to develop meaningful relationships, share the Gospel, and disciple growing believers

* Our team has grown from just our family to over 21 people!

* Hundreds of previously unreached Mahafaly people have accepted Christ as their personal savior

* 4 Mahafaly villages are being transformed by God’s power as they have begun the process of forming into churches

* We have been able to develop meaningful relationships with 5 local churches in Tulear and are ministering alongside them

* We have developed an exciting partnership with Southbridge Fellowship in reaching the Mahafaly for Christ

* The Adopt-a-Village program has developed into 50 groups (Sunday School classes, families, GAs, WMU, community groups, etc) adopting villages for prayer!

* The start of a local Baptist seminary in Tulear

* The beginning of incorporating a community development plan among the Mahafaly

* We have seen significant relationship growth with University students and staff through several special events

* 2 of the 5 Southwest people groups are now officially engaged! And the team is working hard to learn about and minister to the other 3!

Really, this list is just the surface of what God has done in the last few years in Southwest Madagascar. He has done so much more than we could have ever imagined! Thank you for being so faithful and committed in praying with us to reach these people. We can’t wait to be back in America and get to share with you first hand how God has been working in our lives and in the lives of the people here.

See you soon!

Grant, Jodie, Elijah, Titus & Baby #3

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Please pray for the Waller’s and our Southbridge team who is currently with them in Madagascar.

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