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As Christians we are often times identified by what we are against. This demands we ask the question; what are we for? In this segment of my blog I will identify and promote areas where Christians can tangibly demonstrate what we are for.

For this first installment I want to promote our $1 offering that we are having at Southbridge Fellowship. Every fifth Sunday of the year (there are 5 in 2012), we plan to have a $1 offering. This is an offering above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings. So far this year we have had two $1 offerings. The first went toward World Vision to help dig a well and provide clean drinking water. The second was given to bless local refugees by supplying just over 50 welcome bags for those relocating to RDU through World Relief. This next Sunday July 29th we plan to collect money to buy medication for tribes in Madagascar.

Our missionaries to Madagascar Grant and Jodie Waller (Their Blog) have led hundreds of these people to Jesus Christ as their savior. Southbridge will be sending a mission team to southern Madagascar September 2012 to assist Grant & Jodie Waller with their work among the Mahafaly people. The Southbridge team will be assisting them with discipleship and community development work including medical training and treatment. The 5th Sunday offering will be used to buy medicines for the villages of Besatra, Kilimary, and Andremba. We want these people to know we are “for” them. What are you for?

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