The Genius and Genesis of Genealogies…

July 30, 2011 0 comments

I just started reading through the Bible from the beginning. Usually, when I come to a genealogy I think, “OK hard name beget hard name, beget hard name etc.” However, tonight I was struck with the genesis and genius of the genealogies.

Think about the genius of genealogies. You can trace the story of humanity through the genealogies from Adam to your own. What is even more riveting about that is that within the story of humanity every human has a story. Every human from Adam to you and every hard name in between has a story. There is a story of birth. A story of childhood (good and bad). A story of growth and development, pain and past, dreams and future. Every person has a story. For Adam, he was married to Eve. I am sure they fought. I am sure they enjoyed one another. We don’t get all of the details of his life, but the guy lived a long time. I am sure there were a lot of details. Hence, he has a story, just like you.

So from the beginning of these sometimes seemingly boring genealogies there have been people created by God for His glory that each have a story. What is your role in the story?

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