30 Day Challenge

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This Sunday was the second week of our Beyond Belief series. In this series we are talking about taking the things we say we believe beyond mere mental agreement to actual life application At the conclusion of this weeks message entitled: How to Get Rich, I challenged our church to take a 30 Day Generosity Challenge. For the next four weeks Southbridge is going to be strategically giving away our time, talent, treasure and truth in an attempt to make an eternal investment and eternal difference in other people’s lives. It is our desire to be rich toward God (Luke 12:21).

Below is the text from the handout that we gave on Sunday:

This challenge is meant to get us thinking beyond just giving, beyond just “doing what we’re supposed to do.”  It’s a challenge to be generous!  To give because we have received the most generous gift imaginable!  And because of the joy we have in the hope contained in that gift, we overflow with the desire to abundantly give to others.  Below are some suggestions to get you started.  Feel free to be creative.

Week 1:  Giving Away Your Time (March 6th to 12th)


  • Volunteer with one of our Strategic Partners (i.e Raleigh Rescue Mission).  Visit the Connections Kiosk for a list of our partners.
  • Help in an area that you normally would not – do someone else’s chore at home, assist a coworker in their responsibility at work, take a neighbor’s trash can back from the curb – and try to do it secretly if possible!
  • Invite a neighbor over for dinner.
  • Pick out an age-appropriate translation of the Bible and read favorite stories to your kids before bedtime.
  • Take a prayer walk through your neighborhood.
  • Plan a date night with your spouse and pray that God would use that time to draw you closer together and engage in transparent communication.
  • Commit to attend a Community Group weekly for 10 months.
  • Take a special trip with your kids to a local kids’ museum and take advantage of all teachable moments.

Week 2:  Giving Away Your Talent (March 13th to 19th)


  • Volunteer on a team (i.e. Tech, Bridge Kids, Hospitality, SYU, Outreach, Music, etc.
  • Start a common interest/affinity group.
  • Make a gift.  Take something you do well (i.e. baking, crafting, cooking, wood working, etc.) and make a gift for someone who wouldn’t expect something from you.
  • Do something unexpected and nice for a neighbor based on your gifts and abilities.

Week 3:  Giving Away Your Treasure (March 20th to 26th)


  • Bless someone in your Community Group generously.
  • The next time you go out to eat, change your tip – 1) if you go to a restaurant that doesn’t receive tips, give a tip to the person cleaning tables. 2) if they do receive tips, double your tip (or double the bill as a tip!)  Thank God for the ability to do so.
  • Sponsor a Compassion International (www.compassion.com) child or family, with your family, friends, or Community Group.
  • Carry cash in your left pocket ($5-$50) and look for an opportunity to give it away.  Keep trying everyday until you can give it all away.
  • Buy coffee for the person in line behind you.
  • Commit to tithing (10%) for 30 days.
  • Sell something you own and give the proceeds to charity.
  • Go to www.lifestraw.com and donate a personal, portable water purifier that is used to prevent common diseases in many parts of our world.  (Cost = $5.00 each)
  • Participate in the LifeCare and Gateway Pregnancy Centers drive March 13th to 27th).  Go to the Connections Kiosk on Sunday for more information.

Week 4:  Giving Away the Truth (March 27th to April 2nd)


  • Share the Gospel with someone you love.  This could be in person or possibly a letter.
  • Write a handwritten note of encouragement to your family or friends.  Tell the person why you value being in relationship with them.
  • Set up a family meeting to talk about your generosity as a family (if single, do with a friend).  Discuss the biblical truth of what it means to be generous and how God wants you to be generous.  Ask for input as to where you should continue being generous.
  • Start a Bible Study with your neighbors.  Contact the office if you need resources.
  • Leave a Gospel tract with your server.
  • Share your testimony (what God has done and is currently doing in your life) with someone.
  • Ask God for obvious opportunities to share the Truth with others.
  • Buy 10 Bibles and give them away.

We would love to hear how the Lord used this in your life.  Please let us know by going to the link below and sharing your story.  www.surveymonkey.com/s/generositychallenge

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