The Bridge Intiative Update

December 7, 2010 0 comments

Earlier this year, Southbridge Fellowship initiated a project called The Bridge Initiative; the purpose of which was to raise funds for a potential future facility.  God always amazes His people, and we were blown away by your generosity and commitment to the vision of this church.  On that initial commitment Sunday – without having identified a property or building to buy or lease – the people of Southbridge committed to give more than $2 million dollars over a three year period.  It was a clear demonstration of just how much we believe in the vision God has given us.

Since that time nearly one year ago, our future facility team has been working diligently.  Just a couple weeks ago I was in a van driving around with them looking at six different potential future properties. We are still analyzing a couple of those properties today.  What has also been exciting is seeing your continued generosity since that initial commitment Sunday.  I wanted to post this blog to give you the most updated numbers as of the end of November and to say ‘thank you’.  As a result of your giving, we are now in a position to respond when God makes evident what our next step should be.  Please pray with us that God makes clear what He desires for us to do next… we would love for Him to show us in 2011!  As you consider your year-end giving, please keep The Bridge Initiative in mind.


The Bridge Initiative (Feb 2010-Feb 2013)

Project Goal            $
YTD Giving (as of 11-30-10)    $ 581,338
YTD pledged (as of 11-30-10)    $ 631,074
% received vs. % pledged        92% *

The initial offering was $377,689.71, so our monthly received vs. the monthly pledged percentage is tracking at approximately 80-85%.

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