Information overload or information selectivity?

March 22, 2010 0 comments

It is astounding how much information is flowing at us everyday. The average American sees thousands of advertisements everyday, not to mention news stories, quick facts, and every other form of information that is flowing out there. Here is my question. What if we did not have all of this information? Would we be any worse off?

In a culture of information overload it seems that we need is to be much more selective to what we give our attention. While I love to learn, I sometimes intentionally don’t read or view things that are very popular. This is not to be a culture snob, but why spend the time to filter through laborious details when you will eventually gather all of the information from conversations with other people who have already done all of the work for you. We need to be more selective in what we take in both in quality and quantity. Information is flowing at a faster rate than ever before. What do you plan to do about it?

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