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Does it ever blow you away that God is the one who does the seeking? God comes looking for us. I was reading a commentary by William Barclay on Revelation 3, while he was writing about a seeking God he writes this:

In his book, Out of Nazareth, Donald Baillie cites three witnesses to the uniqueness of this idea. C.J.G. Montefiore, the great Jewish scholar, said that the one thing which no Jewish prophet or Rabbi ever imagined is the ‘conception of God actually going out in quest of sinful men, who were not seeking him, but who were turned away from him’. A document produced by the National Christian Council of Japan describes the distinctive difference of Christianity from all other religions as being found in ‘Man not seeking God, but God taking the initiative in seeking man’. Way back in the twelfth century, St. Bernard often used to say to his monks that ‘However early they might wake and rise for prayer in their chapel on a cold mid-winter morning, or even in the dead of night, they would always find God awake before them, waiting for them – nay, it was he who had awakened them to seek his face.'”

God took the initiative and is seeking us.

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jsk January 26, 2010 at 1:11 pm

Yes it does blow me away. He knows all, is all, and that includes everything about me and everything I will do. I am in constant awe of His greatness and at the same time His desire to know me! I Love that I am nothing yet I am everything through He that lives in me. Not my life but his!

I Love Him, yet He first Loved me.

Scott K.


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