The Bridge Initiative FAQ’s (part 1)

January 13, 2010 0 comments

In my last post I said I would post some Frequently Asked Questions regarding The Bridge Initiative in the next couple of days. Here is part 1:

What is The Bridge Initiative?
The Bridge Initiative is a three-year project, to raise money for the specific purpose of leasing or buying a property for our future facility. The Bridge Initiative makes a way for the people of Southbridge Fellowship to take this next step of faith together.

Why are we doing this?
First and foremost, there are thousands of people in the Raleigh-Durham area that have yet to be connected to Jesus for life change. There are people in our community who we are currently not reaching, some of whom will die and go to a Christless eternity.

While we rejoice that our congregation has grown over the past couple of years, we have to face certain obstacles. One of those obstacles is that we have reached our capacity at our present facility. In order to continue to reach more people in our community, we need to have more space in a new facility. The Bridge Initiative opens doors for us to accomplish this goal and realize our vision of reaching people for Jesus.


What is the objective?
Presently, we do not have property for a building or a specific building to lease. We ask you to give toward the vision— connecting people to Jesus for life change—which has impacted your own life and the lives of your families and friends, so that we can impact even more people.

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