Women At Risk (guest blogger Shanna Lehr)

November 10, 2009 0 comments

This Wednesday night, our women’s ministry Nourish will take a look at a problem that is world wide and affects millions of women and children. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women is something that has gone on since the time of Esther. Even she was a woman at risk, and so are we. It sounds crazy to say that “we are” as we live pampered lives in beautiful Raleigh with so much at our disposal. But once, sin was my ruler and the prince of the power of this world had dominion over me and then Jesus came and rescued me!
Our speaker for this evening is Becky McDonald, the President of Women at Risk International, or WAR. The purpose and passion of this organization is to wrap arms of love around women and children, whispering the message that they were created for purpose and dignity. Creating safe places for women and children rescued from many abuses including human trafficking/sexual slavery, WAR, Int’l desires to give voice to their silenced cries.
Becky was a missionary kid who saw first hand the depravity and selfishness of man. Here is an exerpt from her website:

“Frankly, I just wanted to slap most American women when I first moved back to the States a few years ago. Instead, God slapped me and opened my eyes to a world of hidden hurt and deep woundedness hidden behind white picket fences, prim church attire, new dishwashers, and corporate glamor. He broke my heart for a continent of seemingly pampered, spoiled, and “liberated” women. As women flowed through my home and I listened to their angry or whispered stories, at first it seemed petty and insignificant in comparison to the silenced cries of the international world. I had grown up with a playmate with acid poured down her throat, and the acid of her suffering had burned a hole in my heart and set me on a course of action I’ve been on ever since. Early on I had come to appreciate the circle of protection that my own life was privileged to have. My focus and passion was to give voice to the silenced cries of the truly wounded.”

Our Southbridge women will join together to create circles of protection around these women on Wednesay evening. Doors open at 6:30pm at the Hilton, RTP.

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