Pick One

August 18, 2009 0 comments

This past Sunday I challenged the people at Southbridge to pick one. That is to pick one person over the next twelve months that they are going to reach for Jesus and help grow in a relationship with Jesus (i.e. disciple). I also challenged the people who need to be discipled to pick one. By that I mean to pick one person who knows Jesus better than they do and humble themselves before that person and ask them to disciple them.

I know of one discipleship relationship that has started already as a result of this challenge and I know of several people who are being intentional about reaching someone in their life for Jesus. I have picked my person who I intend to be intentional about reaching for Jesus. I can imagine him sitting next to me (or more likely in front of me if I am preaching) at church in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I picture his new relationship with Jesus making an eternal impact on his family too. Can you picture someone who is in your sphere of influence, a neighbor, co-worker, someone you come into contact with regularly who needs to start a relationship with Jesus? Pick one.

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