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I don’t usually blog on Saturday nights. Tomorrow we have a guest speaker. He is a good friend of mine who has been a friend and Pastor to Shanna and I. His name is Marc Rylander. He was one of the three guys I used to dream about church with while in seminary. We would talk about and even wrote out on paper what the perfect church would be like. Many of the things we talked about and wrote out have influenced Southbridge. Tomorrow he will be challenging us about subtle sin with a message called: Sin and the Suburban.

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Dan & Breshia Parker August 2, 2009 at 12:46 am

Hello Pastor Scott,
We where your neighbor when you and Shanna moved to Arlington,Tx. And you worked for Beazer. It’s wonderful to see how far God has brought you and your wife. God is truly amazing! I remember before you and Shanna moved in your home in arlington and we met you too at the Design Center and we would water your lawn and check in your home as it was being built. Then that deal for us didn’t work out and we ended up moving next to the model home you worked in a little later. You where such a blessing to us. Well, now that I’ve jogged your memory, I hope you remember us. Dan is now a Senior pastor of Promise Hope Ministry here in Arlington, Tx. September will be one year for us and we are so excited about what God is doing for his people. We have 5 beautiful girls now. However, Dan’s email address is [email protected]. Hey we love you and hope to see and hear for you guys soon. Continue doing awesome work for the Lord. Tell Shanna, Breshia said hello.

slehr August 2, 2009 at 5:44 pm


Of course we remember you. Tell Dan I said hi and to keep pursuing Jesus. Send me an email and I will connect you with Shanna. My email is [email protected]. Preach the Word Dan.


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