Freedom and the Church

July 7, 2009 0 comments

I am on vacation with my family sitting out on the deck listening to the ocean. It is awesome. Shanna said it was ok to blog so everyone who likes to give me a hard time about working too much this is a relaxing blog.

Last weekend was the Fourth of July weekend when as American we celebrate our freedom as a country. I am incredibly thankful to live in America and enjoy the freedoms we have. We had a talk with our girls on our way here as we passed camp Lejeune on Sunday about the men and women who fight for our freedom as a country.

As I thought through our freedoms I was reflecting not on our country but on the Church.  I am incredibly grateful for the freedom there is in the Church. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ so we have a freedom from sin (that is huge). There is also a freedom to passionately pursue a Christ centered, God given vision for each local church.

I was told by one seminary professor that I should consider planting a church because in an existing church it takes about 5 years before you can begin to lead. I don’t think planting solves that problem because every church has people come along who want to distract you from a God given vision (even Peter tried to distract Jesus from going to the cross and had to be rebuked). I praise God for giving us a vision to reach a city for His glory.

Regardless if you have planted, are thinking about planting, or lead in an existing church we all minister in a given context and should think through the best strategy to reach the people in that given context, but we must keep in mind the incredible freedoms we have in leading the church. Our guides are the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Too often I think we can feel guided by people and really our desire to please people. I am in no way condoning intentionally offending people or creating controversy for the sake of controversy, but spirit led leaders in the church have an incredible freedom to pursue God given visions. For that I am thankful!

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