SYU Canada trip

June 14, 2009 0 comments

SYU is taking Southbridge’s first short term missions trip. I am excited about this trip as God has already been working in and through this team. One of the girls trusted Christ as her Savior as a result of going through the application process.

What happened was two girls were filling out the application together. When they came to the section that asked for a personal testimony. One girl asked the other, “What is a testimony?” The other girl used that opportunity to share her own testimony. (By testimony what was meant was; communicate how you came to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior). She told the girl who asked about a testimony, about how she had accepted Christ as her personal Savior, and then asked the inquiring girl if she had ever done that. She said no. Then she asked her if she wanted to trust Jesus Christ. She said yes. She trusted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. Praise the Lord eternity has already been impacted by this trip and they have not even left yet. Here is some information about the trip:

SYU Missions Trip Video from David Cook on Vimeo.

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